Wednesday, 29 February 2012

 Jumper: £36 (not including 25% staff discount)
Jeans: Leigh Jeans £40 (60% uniform)
Shoes: £18 Sale
Necklace: £7
Nail Varnish: Dusty Mauve from Models Own
All Topshop apart from the nail varnish.

 Pretty chilled out look yesterday at work, I went for my new Ice Blue textured jumper which I'm in LOVE with. It's such a gorgeous colour, perfect for these Spring & Summer days. It is a little pricey but with my 25% staff discount it makes it a little more reasonable. I'm hoping it doesn't bobble too badly, not gonna lie... a lot of my jumpers from Topshop seem to be doing that. Even after a little wear they seem to bobble which is so annoying! Anyway, at the moment it's all laid back at work (which is such a relief), I'm just getting siked for going to Thailand next Sunday, yipee!x

Monday, 27 February 2012

Old Harry Rocks.
Coat: Topshop £15
Jeans: Topshop Jamie Jeans £40
Jumper: Charity Shop £3.99
Boots: Matalan £15
Fur Stole: H&M/eBay £14.99
Cross Necklace: Topshop £7
 So I've been spoiled with a 4-day weekend after my rather intense and scary work load last week! Thankfully it all paid off in the end, and when it came to our store getting marked we received 93% which is pretty flamin' good. Basically Topshop have this thing called 'Model Store' where you get 'signed off' and marked out of 100 on various aspects of your store, from the visual to the cleanliness. It's a big deal, and a lot of work was done to try and get the best score possible. We actually got the same as last year which was a little gutting. We also lost points on the smaller aspects which was also annoying, but hey, next year we can smash it. Anyway, back to the weekend, Friday was a lazy one, I met up with an old friend for dinner and went to TGI Fridays. Saturday the boyfriend and I went to Old Harry Rocks, which I've been wanting to do for aaaages. We took the ferry over from Sandbanks to the other side, parked up and walked for a good 2 hours around the coast. It was beautiful. The day was perfect with the sun shining making it feel actually quite Summery. I thought I'd post the pictures I took as they are stunning, (if I do say so myself!). Sunday was also lazy with a lot of painting, Mario Kart playing and munching, just the way I like to spend it. What did you get up to?x

Saturday, 18 February 2012

 Collar Clips: eBay £3
Black top: Primark £3
Shirt: Topshop £4
Shorts: Topshop £28
Belt: Primark £2
Shoes: Topshop £28
Nails: Beth's Blue Models Own £2.50 (sale)

Boring post today literally just showing my outfit, I've been ridiculously busy at work recently. For this next week or so my posts are going to be short and sweet! I'm starting some night shifts at work and doing a 13 hour bad boy tomorrow so gonna be exhausted. I'm really looking forward to having a 4 day break starting next Friday after our Model Store sign off (getting marked on various aspects of our store- pretty much everything has to be perfect & amazing, trends, staff, and back of house). It's a scary time, and a lot of pressure, but should be worth it in the end. My outfit today was a little plain but I just wanted to wear my new collar clips. I don't actually own many blouses/shirts, so decided to play it safe with an outfit I'd tried and tested before!x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Excuse the actual gross picture of myself, but it's been a long old day. I started work today at 7am which meant a 5:30am wake up call. Not pretty. It's not 6:20pm so I'm exhausted and looking rough haha. Thought I'd show my outfit of the day (really my first piece of uniform). I decided to buy this knitted Jumper (obviously from Topshop) for uniform, with 60% off you really can't go wrong. It cost me roughly £14. I've also bought some light baby blue Leigh jeans and some Pink Jamie Jeans. I will post outfits with these when I wear them! I teamed this jumper up with my Acid Wash Leigh's and some tan military boots from Matalan. Excuse the lack of photo's and posting. Been super busy recently with loads of important visits and with Model Store coming up (stores get marked on pretty much EVERYTHING). Scary and a lot of pressure, but hopefully it will all pay off soon enough! :) x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Top 20.
Oh how the weeks just fly by! It's that time again, for me to post Topshop's top 20 best sellers (from my store, by units sold!). Lots of nice Spring Summer pieces coming into the store now, just a shame it's too darn cold to wear any of them! Brrr.
1. Dip Dyed Holly Hotpant

2. Latino Suntop

3. Multi Sequined Vest (sorry no image! It's the multi coloured cropped vest top in front trend on front 4-way and first mannequin).

4. Sleeveless Stripe Shirt.

5. 30" Black Leigh.

6. 32" Indigo Acid Leigh.

7. Aztec Stripe Embroidered Crop

8. High Waist Ponte Leggings

9. Coral Bloom Fishtail Top

10. Burgandy Hoody

11. 32" Black Leigh.

12. 30" Midnight Leigh.

13. 32" Blue Leigh.

14. Stripe Tape T-shirt

15. Peace Top

16. Poppy High Waist Hot Pant (Mint)

17. 30" Black Acid Leigh

18. 32" Dirty Bleach Jamie

19. Ink Flippy Hem

20. Denim Zip Bralet

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Top 20.

Top 20 best sellers for this week at my branch of Topshop. 
1. 30" Black Leighs

2. Ox Blood Hoody

3. 32" Burganday Leighs

4. Rock Girl photo vest tee

5. Tuck Shift Dress

6. Vectra3 PU studded slippers

7. 32"Dirty Bleach Jamie jeans

8. 32" Black Baxter

9. Bleach Holly Hotpant

10. Holly Hotpant

11. 32" Blue leigh

12. Side tiger tank

13. 'A' motif boxy jumper

14. Reverse stripe stitch jumper

15. Crepe Skirted Mac

16. 30" Midnight Blue Leigh

17. 32" Indigo Baxter

18. Black ankle legging

19. 32" Midnight Blue Leigh

20. Drop hem floral tunic.
Do you own any? if so which ones? Planning to get any if not?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Heart collar clips.
Photo from: WishWishWish
 So after seeing these gorgeous heart collar clips on Fearne Cotton a while back, I was on the search for these bad boys. Unfortunately the site that sold them had all sold out (no surprise there!), but I eventually found a blogger who did a DIY version and I then thought how easy it would be to make them, so I gave it a try. I went to Claire's and bought some clip on heart earrings for £3.50 and also bought some old necklaces that had nice chains for £1 which was a bargain! (They have a sale on at the moment). I got home and cracked on with my mini project. Firstly I broke the chain apart (by literally pulling it until it snapped) and then simply super glued the chain around the clips at the back of the earrings- making sure they don't get stuck to the actual clasps as you will still need this to open and close over your collar... and voila. Simple, and will save you a few bucks!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

 I went a little dip dye crazy and decided to pimp out some of my old and tired clothes over the weekend. These shorts were bought in a charity shop for around £3 so I decided to firstly stud one pair and leave the other plain. I then decided to go that extra mile and dip dye them bright pink! I also did a couple of other items including a plain vest dip dyed pink and the other with a black/grey colour. I bought the dyes from Wilkinsons for just under £3 which is a bargain considering buying a ready dyed pair on the internet would cost a fortune! They have a range of colours to choose from, but I went for Flamingo pink hand dye rather than the one that goes in the washing machine, (for some reason this thought scares me! What if it breaks the machine? Dyes all my clothes pink? ahh!) anyway, for this you need lots of salt to mix in with the dye, which is a little bit annoying but hey needs to be done! The instructions are easy to follow, for a full coloured item you just mix the dye and salt with warm water and then have to stir the item continuously for 15 minutes and then regularly for the next 45 minutes if you want an item the full colour, (this is when you decide you should have chosen the washing machine option!) for the dip dye you literally just leave the end of the item you want coloured in the dye for the hour. Simples! It's an easy and effective way to make your clothes look shit hot! I'm actually debating making a few of these to sell? what do you think?x