Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I was lucky enough to become a 'Violent Lip Girl' and was given 50 free lip tattoo samples to try out earlier on this year! I have been so busy recently that I've only just got round to trying them out. These are called the 'Pink Tiger' and there are so many other awesome designs from polka dot to rainbow. They are perfect for nights out, fancy dress occasions or if you're brave enough- general everyday wear. 

They work exactly like the old school tattoo transfers in the way you apply them, the only difference is, is that you have to cut the lip template to the size of your lips (which makes sense, as not everyone has the same shape or sized lips!). You literally keep your lips dry, apply the patterned side down onto your lips while trying to keep them in an 'O' shape, and then wet the back of the transfer. Once they are ready the transfer will slip off (come off easily), and viola! You're done. I was surprised how easy it actually was, and the photo's show how well they turned out for the first time. I will be posting more pictures once I've tried some of the other designs out, but what do you sweeties think?

Check them out here: Violent Lips
So I haven't posted in a while, I've been really busy these last couple of weeks! I've left ShakeAway, went to Bestival and started my new job at Topshop. But for this post I thought I'd take us back to my Bestival weekend. Sharing some of my images, and of course, what I wore! It was uh-mazing, and induced with the usual festival madness, lots of drink, sun/rain/wind, tent fun and great music.Totally planning to do it again next year! Did any of you lovelies go? x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cream tea from mama T.
I went home at the weekend (last weekend), which was really nice as I hadn't been home around a month, which is super long for me. I got my hair did on the Saturday and went for a little bit of a Frankie from the Saturdays hairstyle. I'm not sure what I think of it yet, and need to take some pictures so people can see and let me know their verdict! Anyway, I've finally left ShakeAway- my 'summer' job that lasted a little longer than preempted but now I'm preparing for a weekend away at Bestival before I start my 'real' job at Topshop. I'm so happy/proud and excited to have an important role for a bramd I love. There will be lots of pictures & posts to come after the weekend no doubt. So I hope everyone has a good one. :) x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

 Oh my, I just had to share with you guys & gals this gorgeous brand I came across recently Black Milk. Designer and creator of the brand James Lillis as well as his team at Black Milk have got some truly stunning pieces to offer, (especially the swimwear and leggings!), they are all to die for. Check out some of the gone but not forgotten pieces to show you what you may be missing out on! If you already own some of the pieces holla and let me know what they're like, if not, let me know what you think? Are they your cuppa?x