Wednesday, 19 March 2014


 I finally (this decision really didn't take long) caved in and decided to buy a Triangl bikini. If you don't know Triangl are an Australian brand (from what I gather) and they do the most amazing bikini sets and underwear sets. The designs are edgy but feminine which is so 'me'. I first purchased the Tilly Sunburst bikini which is the first in the pictures. It features an optic white and black mesh top which is in the style of a triangle bra with fixed straps, this comes with the pastel neon orange hipster boyleg bottoms. This bikini is an absolute dream, it looks so lovely and flattering on. I have seen a few images of this bikini and just couldn't get it out of my mind. My sister hates it, but I love the mix and match almost underwear style it has going on.

 The style of this bikini is an 'Ollie' which refers to the sizing guide, where the explain in the detail the fit...

Fixed + stretchy shoulder and back straps (not adjustable)
Bust bigger than a C cup, but an XS / S frame? The straps may be too loose in the Medium and Large.
Might be best to choose an adjustable shape (Chloe or Indy) instead!
Very firm fit, due to the resistant stretch in the Neoprene
Concerned about the bottoms cutting in? Take a size up!

As it states they recommend to go up a size in the bottoms as the neoprene fabric is not very forgiving, which I'm glad I followed. I went for an XS on the top, because I've not got much going on up there, with the S bottoms. For me it fits perfectly, but if you are unsure there is a brilliant customer care team available online 24-7 to answer any questions you may have. 

The second bikini I went for was the Twiggy Stardust, which is a slightly more 'out there' and risque item, but I thought why the f* not? Again it's in the Ollie style, (I actually purchased the Tilly Sunburst first and had it posted to me before I made any rash decisions and ordered another one that might not suit me- this obviously worked out more expensive and I ended up spending about £40 on postage alone, ouch!) anyway... back to the bikini. This bikini is a metallic black which is almost like a PU wet look finish, with the same fit as the bikini before in an Ollie, a triangle bra with fixed straps and a matching hipster leg bottom. Unfortunately this bikini fit was slightly different, even though I went for the exact same sizing as before, the bottoms are slightly more snug. I mean I hardly have any booty, but I do think the M would have also fitted me fine if not better. I am usually a 6-8 on the bottom, so do keep this in mind if you are thinking about purchasing this bikini. I think it's because the fabric is slightly more sturdy and thick then the first. It still looks nice but if postage weren't so pricey I would contemplate exchanging for the bigger size. Another thing to point out is that I do I think this style is less forgiving. I don't think it helps that I've been trying the bikini's on over my unworked out, super pasty body. As soon as I'm tanned and a bit more toned (ever wishful), I think that it will look lush- that's what I'm hoping anyway. Both of the bikini's also come with a cool little bag that is made out of the same fabric as your chosen bikini. A nice little touch I think, and it may actually be quite useful on holiday. They also come with care instructions on the best way to maintain your bikini, as they do need that little extra love and attention.

All in all, yes, the prices are steep but I do think you get your moneys worth. The designs are unique and because the fabric is neoprene they should be durable and last a life time. The thing that bumps up the price most of all is the dreaded postage, it does cost around £20 to ship to the UK but there are no customs charges *there weren't for me, but do check if you are worried about that. Also the shipping is really fast and takes around a week or so to get to you, which is actually better then most of the UK based retailers. I'm off to Thailand in April and I'm looking forward to testing out these bikini's finally. I will let you know how I get on with them, and will most probably take some holiday snaps in them. For now, I will leave your imaginations to run wild with how my pasty body currently looks in them. 
What do you think of these bikini's, yes, no?x

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Another tasty little peek into the Topshop x Adidas Originals collaboration. I previously posted about the collection when they first announced it, and today I saw this video and the whole collection so I had to share my excitement.  I've not actually been this enthusiastic about any other collaboration, but this just ticks all the right boxes for me. I'm patiently waiting for the launch,... c'mon Toppers!
See the whole collection here.

Images from Vogue.

'Thought sport was off the menu in fashion? Think again. Meet the Topshop x Adidas collection here.

Creative Director of Topshop Kate Phelan and Adidas Originals Creative Director Josefine Aberg talk through the stylish sportswear line that's good enough to get us all running marathons.

The Topshop design team delved into the Adidas Originals archives to create the 20-piece capsule collection, reimagining Adidas icons for you sartorially savvy lot. Classic tees and running shorts are recreated in luxe textured materials, while the famous three-stripe tracksuit is tailored to a slim and streamlined silhouette. Elsewhere, bespoke prints inspired by the London landscape adorn Adidas icons like the Firebird track top and Superstar trainer, offering a fresh colour palette of soft coral, field green and gritty monochrome. It's safe to say we won't just be sweating it out at the gym.' - YouTube.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Favourite Youtubers...

I thought I'd do a post on my current favourite Youtubers, just incase anyone out there was interested or looking for some new channels to subscribe too. I know I'm 25, but watching Youtube videos has become some kind of weird habit that I'm quite addicted too. And I must admit I do rather like watching other people's lives, it probably is because mine is SO boring at the moment, but it does bring me some enjoyment. I mainly watch fashion videos such as hauls, styling/outfit of the days and vlogging videos as these are the most interesting to me. I also watch a few beauty channels, it's not something I'm overly interested in, but I do like to watch them every now and then. I think Youtube has been the main enabler of my bad shopping habits, you find out about so many new products, designs, ideas that just sound too good to resist. So, WARNING do not watch if you are easily influenced, or just like to try/buy lots of things.

So I've broken it down for you into the Youtubers I watch and for what area I watch them in whether it be Fashion, Beauty or Lifestyle. Most of these Youtubers do a bit of everything on their channel, or they mix beauty and fashion, but I thought I'd break it down specifically to what I watch them for.

In no particular order...

1) Jessie from sunbeamsjess and extrasunbeamsjess
2) Lexi from Lexi A-N.
3) Sammi from beautycrush and TheSammiMariaShow
4) Kate from KateThisIsWhatIdo
8) Barabara from ThePersianBabe
9) Victoria from Inthefrow
10) Tania from Taniatells
11) Lydia from Fashioninflux
12) Lina from itslinamar
13) Georgia from The Vintage Vision
14) Sian from SianShutterbug
16) Grace from UglyFaceOfBeauty
17) Leanne from LLimWalker
20) Jenn Im from clothesecounters
21) Tabitha from ScaredToast

23) Fleur from Fleur de force
25) Estee from essiebutton
26) Lily from Lily Pebbles

27) Zoe from Zoella and MoreZoella
29) Louise from SprinkleofGlitter
30) Anna and Jofie from SACCONEJOLYs
31) Helen from Helen Melonlady
32) Rosie & Rose from RoseEllenDix
33) Jamie from Jamieryandee

So yes, there are quite a few channels I'm subscribed too. I've linked them all above as I'm nice like that, and it'll make it a lot easier for you to find. I hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as I do. Let me know what you think, did you find any new channels? or do you have any other recommendations for me?x

P.s sorry if I've got any names wrong or channels spelt wrong, but you get the jist.