Sunday, 28 April 2013

 Topshop jumper: £25 (sale), Topshop Jamie Jeans £40, Topshop ankle boots £18 (old, sale).
 Topshop top £18, Topshop arrow necklace £3.50, Topshop leopard trousers £42, Topshop ankle boots £18 (old, sale).
 H&M long sleeve top £7.99, Topshop tartan playsuit £40, Primark supercosy tights £3.50, Topshop ankle boots £18 (old, sale).
Topshop Polka dot top £38, Matalan jumper £12, Topshop Jamie Jeans £40 (old), Topshop ankle boots   £18 (old, sale), H&M tartan scarf £7.99, Matalan studded bag £14.

A few outfit of the days from before I went away to Thailand (for those who don't know I went away for two weeks and have only just got back, sad times!). Whilst uploading the pictures I noticed that I'm wearing the same shoes in every picture, doh! Not the best inspiration but it wasn't intentional, I promise! hah. I am hopefully getting my camera fixed this month so I am excited to start taking better images and hopefully start blogging a bit more then I have been of late. Anyway, England is freezing and I'm missing Koh Samui and my Dad already (he lives out there, lucky bastard!) I'm back to work tomorrow and I know i'll feel like I never went away, boo! Hope you are all well. x

Monday, 8 April 2013

From left to right top then bottom: Topshop Dungarees £55, Topshop quilted sweat £38, Topshop leather look corset £30, Topshop Holographic nail varnish £6, Topshop fluro step hem tunic £25, River Island grey marl mesh insert top £25, Bitching and Junkfood shorts £75, River Island flatform shoes £50, Zara neon box clutch £19.99.

These are a few of the goodies on my current Spring wish/want list. Obviously lusting after neon brights right now and muted monochrome pieces. I'm in holiday mode so everything I'm wanting is bright and bold. There are some lovely items coming through in the high street at the moment, not-so-good for my bank balance but oh-so-good for my wardrobe! I'm especially in love with the box neon clutch from Zara but they are out of stock in the pink at the moment, I'm waiting for it to come back in to purchase that bad boy! A lot of the items are Topshop but that's because I work there and I see these things everyday, which makes me want them even more (Anyone who works there will know what I'm talking about, even pieces you didn't like you grow to like after seeing them so much!). 
What are your favourite pieces at the moment?x