Thursday, 23 May 2013

We're all the same on the inside.
Topshop leaf print jumpsuit £60, Topshop sandals £30.
 Topshop petite stripe tee £14, Topshop Jamie Jeans in black £40, Vans Asos £45.
 Topshop top £8 (sale), Acid Wash Leigh jeans £38, Vans Asos £45.
Topshop cami £26, Topshop Jamie ripped jeans £40, Topshop Sandals £30, Necklace H&M £3.99.
 Topshop sweater £15 (sale), Topshop acid wash Leigh jeans £38, Vans Asos £45, H&M spike necklace £7.99.
Topshop acid wash denim jacket £55, Topshop college cheetah crop tee £16, Topshop Joni Jeans £36, Vans Asos £45.
Topshop peace sign crop £15, Topshop pale pink Joni Jeans £36, Topshop sandals £30.

Another week in outfits, in no particular order. I have finally got my camera back and it's fixed, yippee! So hopefully I can get into a routine of doing 'proper' outfit posts with better quality pictures. This does excite me greatly, for now though you will have to enjoy another shoddy work mirror shot post. I'm in love with the Joni jeans at the moment and they keep bringing out different colours, ouch, this is going to be painful to the bank balance. I'm waiting on payday right now so I can buy myself some treats. x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

 L'oreal Paris FeRia toning conditioner
 in Peach Punch.
Ok, so I finally took the plunge and tested out one of the L'oreal FeRia toning conditioners. I have been wanting to try one for aaages as I bought the 'pastel peach punch' and the 'pastel pink panther' a while back when they first came out in Boots for £5. I have been deliberating for a while mainly because I hadn't seen any reviews or images on the outcome which put me off. It's daunting when your hair is as light as mine! I've gone through too many shades of yellow and ginger to let it all go for a fiver! hah. It felt risky. Anyway, I bit the bullet and went for it, it was pastel peach time. My sister helped me apply the toner, it is so easy to do! It literally is a conditioner so comes ready mixed in a tube, it comes with the usual gloves to apply and has the easy step-by-step instructions. For hair that's bleached and as light as mine it said to keep it on for 15 minutes, so... my sister started applying bit by bit, sectioning off each part of my hair, (the proper way), and then I started to freak. I literally got her to smoosh it all over my hair super-quick, I rubbed it in like a conditioner with my bare hands, bish, bash, bosh, I left it on for a minute or so, panicked and then washed it out. I was screeching 'oh jeeze, it's SO PINK!'. Luckily after having a mini diva moment and properly washing it out, I dried it as normal and was pleasantly surprised.
The dye only took fully to the front of my hair (being my fringe and at the front on the opposite side), which is where she first concentrated on applying the 'dye' before I freaked out. I was happy with this as the final 'do' as I think the brightness of the colour all-over would have been a bit of a shock, considering I've never done anything like this before. I must point out one negative, although it was a lovely colour, it was a bright baby pink, NOT the peach colour it advertised on the package. After saying that I did compare the package where it shows the before and after images for bleach blonde hair, to the pastel pink packet I had and in fairness it comes out a pretty similar colour to the peach one anyway, so I should have checked this properly before hand. The colour washed out pretty much after one wash, which was a shame, but I think this is due to the fact I left it on a for a fraction of the recommended time. It is nice to bear this mind if you are a little scaredy-cat like me, IT DOES WASH OUT! I would only recommend this for light blondes as otherwise it's a waste of time, the colour simply won't stick. It would look great dip dyed, streaked in, or all-over, it's very versatile and it left  enough over for another go. Yippee!
What it says on the tin: 'Tap into the latest funky trends and achieve a fun pastel look. Add some flavour to your style that lasts up to 3-5 washes. Designed for very light blondes that know how to have fun. As easy to use as conditioner and works in 15 minutes!'

Apart from it sounding a bit like a 10 second speed dating advert, I would agree. It's fun, cheap and it works. I would definitely give it a go again and it's made me want to try the pastel lilac now too! I'm not sure why I didn't get it the first time around, for some reason I feel purple isn't me, but it's lilac, so it's fine... Back to the point, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to update your hair, then try it out fo'sure! 

What do you think, have any of you tried it yet?x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

White mesh top Topshop £8 (sale), Topshop Joni Jeans £36, Topshop neon scarf £12, Internacionale Jacket £45, Topshop Shoes £30.
 Topshop petite floral top £24, Topshop acid Leigh jeans £38, River Island brogues £30, Necklace H&M £3.99.
 Topshop fringe embroidered top £40, Topshop black Jamie jeans £40, Topshop shoes £30.
 (DAY OFF), Chang beer neon top from Thailand, Topshop Jamie ripped jeans £40, Zara mini shopper £22.99, Vans £45.
Topshop jumper £25 (sale), Topshop Jamie jeans £40, Zara mini shopper £22.99, Topshop shoes £30.
 Republic cardigan £20, Topshop neon vest £22, Topshop Joni jeans £36, Topshop shoes £30.

Here's another week in oufits for you (minus one day, not sure what happened there, my bad!). I seem to get into a routine of wearing one pair of shoes for the week at the moment hah and I only seem to realise when uploading these posts! These are my newest shoes from Topshop and are actually super comfy considering I'm on my feet all day. It's nice to be able to wear shoes other than boots now the weathers cheering up. My other newest purchases are the two white tops in the first couple of pictures, the white mesh tee which I nabbed for £8 in the sale and this gorgeous floral oversized top. It's actually from the petite section which I am obviously NOT, being 5ft 8ish, but anyway it fits really well. I love effortless tops that do the talking. I've only been back in the country a week and have already bought 4/5 new items, oops! I thought I'd show you a few of the new bits in this post...
 I also picked up these neon bracelets in the Topshop sale for around £6 which is a steal as I really wanted them when they were full price at around £16. They are a great statement to any plain outfit.
I wanted these pale pink Joni jeans ever since I saw them pop online when I was out in Thailand, I resisted whilst I was out there and noticed that they sold out instantly in my size! As soon as I saw them creep back in stock I bought them pretty much straight away. These type of items just sell out so quickly. They are so flattering and comfortable and are my new go-to jeans (sorry Leigh's, I still love you... just a little bit less). With this online purchase I wanted to make my basket up to a cheeky over £75 purchase (to get free delivery), I added these cut out knee Jamie jeans as a whim to see if I liked the style, and unfortunately loved them that little bit too much to return them.
And my last new item which is from Zara and it's this UH-Mazing orange mini shopper bag which was only £22.99, it's such a good price and the quality looks and feels much more expensive. The colour is gorgeous and adds a bit of somethin' somethin' to an outfit. For such a bargain I couldn't resist picking up another one in white, which should be arriving next week. Eep, so much for being good and saving this month. Oh well maybe next time.
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine. 

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ice Neon.

I recently purchased the Models Own Ice Neon collection for my holiday. The colours looked amazing so I really wanted to get my hands on the box set, which was only £20 for the 5 colours and a clear top/base coat. The nail polishes are £5 each but there are usually deals in boots and models own website like 3 for £12. My favourite colours are Pink Punch and Bubblegum, my photo's don't do them justice as they look pretty similar in them but are in fact very different (these nail varnishes look best in outside bright light rather than indoors, they do look much more subdued indoors, hence the camera shots not being great). Bubblegum is an obvious pink pink and is fluoro, the Pink Punch is a pinky orange and a bit more subtle, they are both lovely and perfect for Spring Summer. The other colours are also really nice but I feel a full hand of Luis Lemon or Toxic Apple definitely need to be on tanned hands to look like you haven't got some weird illness. The Pukka Purple is a deep purple but I wouldn't say it was fluoro which is slightly disappointing but nothing worth complaining about as it still looks bangin'.

The colours do come out matte which I don't mind but if you are not a fan the top coat will come in handy to give it that sheen. The bottles also come in specially designed frosted bottles that you should keep in the fridge to keep the fluoro-ness from fading. I've heard this myth before with nail varnishes being kept in the fridge, but I always thought that was when I lived in much hotter countries. I'm not 100% sure if this actually works or if it is a slight gimmick but none the less I like the idea, so therefore follow the rules. If you are looking for a reasonably priced set that offers all the neons you need to see you through the Summer days I would recommend this set. They last well and only really need two coats to look opaque. Have you tried out these polishes? If so what did you think?