Thursday, 23 May 2013

We're all the same on the inside.
Topshop leaf print jumpsuit £60, Topshop sandals £30.
 Topshop petite stripe tee £14, Topshop Jamie Jeans in black £40, Vans Asos £45.
 Topshop top £8 (sale), Acid Wash Leigh jeans £38, Vans Asos £45.
Topshop cami £26, Topshop Jamie ripped jeans £40, Topshop Sandals £30, Necklace H&M £3.99.
 Topshop sweater £15 (sale), Topshop acid wash Leigh jeans £38, Vans Asos £45, H&M spike necklace £7.99.
Topshop acid wash denim jacket £55, Topshop college cheetah crop tee £16, Topshop Joni Jeans £36, Vans Asos £45.
Topshop peace sign crop £15, Topshop pale pink Joni Jeans £36, Topshop sandals £30.

Another week in outfits, in no particular order. I have finally got my camera back and it's fixed, yippee! So hopefully I can get into a routine of doing 'proper' outfit posts with better quality pictures. This does excite me greatly, for now though you will have to enjoy another shoddy work mirror shot post. I'm in love with the Joni jeans at the moment and they keep bringing out different colours, ouch, this is going to be painful to the bank balance. I'm waiting on payday right now so I can buy myself some treats. x


  1. I love the Joni jeans too! I've got two colours already but am tempted to get more...
    Love all your outfits :) especially that jumpsuit - so nice!

    1. Thank you! Yeh the Joni's are lush, I think I'm on 3 pairs and getting my 4th pay day- oops! xx

  2. love all these outfits, your style is awesome <3

  3. Are the jeans in the last pic current season? so nice. x xx

    1. Yes! Literally got them a month or so ago- Joni Jeans in a baby pink! So lovely.
      Thanks for the comment :) x