Thursday, 26 July 2012

Shark Vs Mermaid.
So, I have wanted this swimsuit for ABSOLUTELY AGES now, it had sold out and now Black Milk have brought it back, (thank you!) So tomorrow (payday), I will be purchasing this bad boy. It is super pricey coming it at around £60 with p&p, but I think for a piece that hardly anyone will own, and with such an awesome print, it's worth it! I can't resist. I think it'll look great as a swimsuit or as a body, worn with high waisted skinnies or shorts. That's enough to justify it for me! 
What do you think? Yey or ney?x

p.s If you haven't heard of Black Milk, you need to have. They make the most beautiful leggings and swimsuits. So unique and truly amazing!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

 Topshop Illustrated People sweater (old) £35, Jamie Jeans Topshop £40
Glitter Slippers Topshop £20.
 Topshop Blouse (New) £36, Jamie Jeans (as above), 
River Island Brogues £12 sale.
 Sparkle & Fade at Urban Outfitters crochet top £10 sale, Jamie Jeans Topshop £25 sale
River Island Brogues as above.
 Zara slouch tee £12 sale, American Apparel high shine leggings £30
Grey converse £40
 Topshop textured grunge sweat £36, Black Leighs Topshop £40
Creepers eBay £25
 Charity Shop green knit £3, Jamie Jeans Topshop £25 sale
New Look gladiator sandals (old).
New Look tye dye top £6 sale, Jamie Jeans Topshop £40
Creepers eBay £25.

This post is a little different from my others, I've decided to combine a week's worth of outfits into one post. Sorry about the lack of imagination when it comes to the image taking but I literally post my outfit of the days on instagram like this. I need to find an easy and more creative way of taking photo's for my blog posts but for now this is a simple and quick way for me to share with you what I've been wearing. As you can see it's a lot of basic items for me this week, jeans and a decorative tee/sweater seem to work nicely. Sometimes the more simple an outfit the nicer it is. If you want to keep up to date with me and my life follow me on twitter or on my intstagram oi_jennifer.
Fifi Lapin for Iconemesis.
Hello all, bit of a random post today but I feel this deserves it. My boyfriend ever-so-sweetly bought me this adorable Fifi Lapin phone case from Iconemesis as I wouldn't stop going on about it! I was torn between this and the cupcake one that they have here. To be honest I will probably end up buying the other one myself, they are just too cute. The quality is amazing and fits so nicely on my phone, it's not chunky at all and fits just right. They had a 40% off code so the boy actually got it for £14.99 which is a bargain, they are normally £24.99 which is a little pricey for a phone case but I think it's worth it for the quality and uniqueness. 

Iconemesis collaborates with some of the world's greatest artists to bring us these lovely phone cases. 

'The idea behind iconemesis is to give
you the option of expressing your individuality
through your case.'

It's a great idea, with technology becoming part of our everyday lives it gives us the opportunity to express it and use it in the way we like! They are bringing out an awesome feature which will actually allow you to create your own iPhone/Blackberry case. Awesome.

For a limited time only they have a discount code of 20% off using the code ICON220. GO GO GO!

Monday, 2 July 2012

Sale buys and other bye byes.
From left to right: 1. New Look black cut out mesh back top £7.99, 2. Zara shorts £17 (sale), 3. Urban outfitters Floral cropped shirt £15 (sale) 4. Urban outfitters crochet vest £10 (sale). I went on a little mad shopping spree in Southampton over the weekend and found myself some right treats, my favourite has to be my floral shorts from Zara, for only £17 I thought they were a right bargain. They are so feminine and the colours are stunning. They really are the only pair of shorts I have like this so I'm chuffed. I'm trying to be a bit more sophisticated in my old age (23 cough cough), so I thought these would be lovely for nights out and even casual warmer days-if we ever get any. It's looking more and more unlikely, sigh. I have although got a holiday booked for Turkey in September so if I don't get any sunshine, atleast I'll get some then, even if it is like 3 months away...
 In other life news, my lovely friend Sophie (if you're reading this you know you'll be missed!) left us at work over the weekend. So we celebrated her new job and new beginnings on Saturday night. The night was a pretty quiet one as we got separated from the rest of the crew, (which is normally the case in a big group), so I was home by midnight and had only had one drink- which I was very grateful for to be honest. No hangover, and a nice chilled Sunday with the boy instead. Anyway, enough ranting, I wore my New Look biker jacket (old), my new black New Look mesh cut out top, £7.99 (sorry didn't get a picture of the back, but I'm sure I'll be wearing it again soon), and my Zara shorts of course (oh and of course the only shoes I own- New Look ankle boots).
 Excise how tango'd I am as well, I decided to try the St. Moriz tan in 'dark' which is definitely DARK. For £4.99 it is amazing though, pretty streak free, easy to apply, doesn't smell... but I'll try and do an actual review on it for my next post. (I was secretly impressed, saving me a whopping £14 if I bought my regular FakeBake). Have you tried it out yet? and if so what did you think? Also anyone ever been to Turkey? anywhere you recommended to visit?x