Monday, 14 October 2013

Today I'm wearing...
Topshop black tee £15, Topshop tube skirt £28, Primark sandals £8, Casio Watch £25 eBay.
Topshop dress £45, Topshop Boots £10 (sale).

Topshop Polka dot blouse £38, Topshop ripped knee Jamie jeans £40, Vans via ASOS £45, Topshop spike bracelet £4.
Topshop crepe notch neck jacket £55, Topshop black strappy cami £18, Topshop ripped knee Jamie jeans £40, Black leather coverse via ASOS £60, Topshop spike bracelet £4.
Topshop crepe boxy tee £30, Topshop tartan trousers £25 (sale), Black Vans via Office £44.99, H&M Gold chain necklace £3.99, Gold Casio watch £25 eBay.
Topshop stripe dress £25 (sale), Tights from Primark £4, Black vans via Office £44.99.
Topshop knitted fluffy crew jumper £38, Topshop speckle roll sleeve mini dress £26, Primark tights £4, Black vans via Office £44.99. 
Primark fluffy cardigan £10, Topshop white cami £28, Ripped jamie jeans £40, Vans via ASOS £45, H&M gold chain necklace £3.99.
Topshop checked/tartan shirt £28, Topshop jamie ripped knee jeans £40, Vans via ASOS £45.
Topshop quilted tee £32, Topshop black Mom jeans £40, Belt Primark £2, Black vans via Office £44.99.

Here are my outfit posts for the last couple of weeks (not all obviously, and the first 2 are rather old). I'm not the best for being consistent, both with blogging and instagram but I do try. It's always awkward taking outfit 'selfies' at work as people think I'm odd enough as it is. So if there's someone else on lunch or in the staff room at the same time I just forget/avoid to take pictures of what I'm wearing. And to be honest, sometimes what I've got on is just not interesting enough. Not that these pictures are mind blowingly inspirational outfits or anything, but I have bought a few new pieces recently so thought I'd show you all how I style them. I've linked all the bits I could find on the Topshop website under the outfit picture so if you are interested you can find them that little bit easier- aren't I so kind?

As you can see I've been living in vans again, they are just heaven for my feet. I've recently purchased the all black pair (seen in the pictures), I also have an all white pair and actually an amazing pair of Hello Kitty Vans that both need to be worn, as either of them have yet touched the surface of the earth. I would highly suggest investing in a pair of Vans, they are worth every penny in my eyes. And again my ripped Jamie jeans do seem to feature A LOT in these posts but I swear I don't wear them everyday. Ha, they just seem to be great to chuck on without thinking about it, c'mon we all have those days where we just cba to think about what we're putting on. 

Recently I've been wearing a lot of monochrome (as I said in my last post), I think it's because it's got so darn chilly that I just don't feel like injecting colour into my outfits. I'm in love with my Mom jeans at the moment with a structured or boxy tee. It mixes a more sophisticated element with a more 'grungey' (I'm wincing as I use this word) or 'old-school' (once again wincing) element to create an over all look I'm really liking. Also as I said before fluffy knits are everywhere, and I've totally jumped on that band wagon. I love them! Apart from being super-cosy, the texture really helps liven up any boring outfit. I love mixing different textures during winter, fluffy, leather, quilted, the list goes on.

Right I'm rambling, I hope you like these looks, let me know which is your favourite? Oh and yes I've changed my hair to a middle parting, what do you think?
Bye for now lovelies. x


  1. Love all of these outfits!
    Especially the tartan trousers :)


    1. Thank you for your comment, I'm obsessed with tartan at the moment!

  2. Love everything. I'm thinking about ripping my black joni jeans at the knee like that. I especially love your outfit with the black fluffy primark cardigan!

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

    1. Aw thankyou! Yeh do it, the only thing with Joni's are the material is quite thin so it might not have the same effect, if you have any thicker ones it might be better? Not 100% sure though.

      Thanks for your comment :) x

  3. you look lovely in those outfits! i especially love those tartan pants from topshop!

    Check out my new blogpost featuring my new furnished home! :)