Monday, 22 September 2014

A bit over a week in outfits...
Zara stripe t-shirt
Topshop Jamie Jeans
Pull and bear maxi cardigan (Sale).
Zara distressed jeans, Sold out.
Pull and bear metallic silver shoes (Sale)
 Topshop two-tone stripe blouse (Sale)
Zara sandals (Sale)
Zara Bag (Sale)
Zara cardigan (Sale)
Zara plain grey tshirt
Zara wet look trousers, Sold out
Zara sandals (Sale)
H&M necklace
 Zara blouse, similar here
Zara dogtooth cigarette trousers (found in a charity shop £9.99!)
Topshop shoes in Keepsake (Sold out)
Zara wet look jeans, Sold out.
Zara sandals, (Sale)
H&M necklace
Topshop cami
Zara white skinny jeans, Sold out.
Zara sandals, (Sale)
Zara bag, (Sale)

Here are a handful of outfits I've managed to take snaps of during the last couple of months. I feel my style has evolved slightly and I tend to dress a lot smarter than I used to. This hasn't been intentional, but since starting a new job in the new year I've had to dress with a 'smart casual' theme in mind where as before I could wear whatever I wanted, which only provoked my scruff-ball ways. I like the change. it's different but I'm getting used to the idea. On my days off I still opt for the comfy-hobo-esque style as you can kind of see in the first picture.

Life is crazy at the moment, there's a lot going on. Home-life difficulties and stresses, pets and family members getting old, personal health problems, as well as general I-have-no-life type of dramas. I'm sure many other people are also dealing with these things, but I find everything always seems to happen at once, am I right? Anyway, slight tangent but I need to get my life into a routine, something that I'm happy and comfortable with. Both in the online world and real world. It may take a while, but I'll find something that works for me. I really want to make a crack at this blogging because I really do enjoy it, so let's see what happens.

For now, here's another bog-standard post, which hopefully gives you some sort of fashion inspiration. x