Thursday, 1 August 2013

Blah blah fashion, baby.
 American Apparel crop top via eBay £12, Topshop Dress £38, Primark Tights £4, Topshop boots £18 H&M necklace £3.99.
 Topshop vest top £10 (sale), New Look bandeau £3, Topshop Jamie Jeans £40 (now in the sale), Vans via Asos £48.
 Topshop blouse £38, Topshop Acid wash Joni jeans £36, Topshop sandals £30.
 Topshop Silk Blouse £25 (sale), Topshop leopard trousers £38, Topshop sandals £10 (sale).
 Topshop Pasha cami £18, Topshop floral trousers £38, Primark spike sandals £8.
 Primark cardigan £10, Topshop Pasha cami £18, Topshop elephant joggers £35, Primark spike sandals £8.
 Topshop (NEW) strap back dress £38, Leather converse via Asos £60.
Topshop (NEW) cobalt blue jumpsuit £38, Primark spike sandals £8.

Hello again! It's been a while. So here is a random combination of outfits, the last 3 are very recent and are actually over the last few days (hence the no root appearance), and the others are slightly older. I was meant to put in a post a while ago with outfits but didn't get round to doing it. So that explains why my roots are crazy long in the first couple of images. I do miss them though, but it's OK! Don't panic, my hair grows quickly so not too long to wait (I do know I'm the only one panicking- I just feel like a bit of a light bulb at the moment ha). 

I am in love with my two most recent purchases and they are in the last two images. I actually got the jumpsuit on uniform so had 60% off (bargain!), and the black dress I couldn't resist buying, I also bought one in the bright pink on uniform so again 60% off which deffo helps my bank balance. I don't have many dresses believe it or not, I'm a bit of a Tom-boy really but I thought the shape was so effortless and flattering. Very simple but easy to dress up or down which I like, and that was my justification for buying it. With the jumpsuit, well I just don't own anything like it at all, the colours gorgeous and will be so lovely with a tan.

I need to get back into a routine of posting because I do enjoy it, but life is just a bit hectic at the moment. I just need to take a break and breathe for a little while. I hope you enjoy these posts even though it isn't the best photography.
Let me know what your favourite look is and will post very soon lovelies.x