Thursday, 7 April 2011

I recently posted about the Topshop American Flag trousers which were a little too pricey, and instead found they do shorts for half the price!... (makes sense). I have ordered these but then realised they do ANOTHER pair, which I prefer (second picture), haha! So I have ordered these as well. I AM going to decide which ones I like best and then return the other. I'm thinking I'll preder the second pair as they are a little more vintage/retro and look like they could be highwaisted, which I'm loving at the moment. Verdict will be made, and I'll get back to you x


  1. definitely prefer the second pair,can imagine them looking lovely :)

  2. I took notice of the first pair long before - a pretty cool denim shorts option for summer. But the second pair certainly looks a lot more original.