Tuesday, 13 December 2011

 Feather Ray is an awesome brand I came across one day after I was searching the internet for 'Feather extensions'. A girl at work had them in and they looked awesome, so I just wanted to do a little bit of research to find out more about them. Whilst doing so I found just the thing, Feather Ray. They are an online brand (although now you can buy them in Topshop Oxford Circus over the weekends) who specialise in these hair feathers. They come in an array of colours from fluorescent pink to a natural warm brown. This really is a new, exciting and easy way to pimp up your hair. They are literally so easy to put in too and are done so with little micro rings which come with each pack you decide to purchase. You get 7 individual feathers in your pack, varying in size, length colour and pattern, which is a good way to get variety but can also be annoying if you have your favourites (which I do!). They were originally £15, but they have recently gone up to £20 (must be due to growing popularity) but I think they are worth it! They last up to 3 months, but in theory if you treat them as well as you do your own hair, I reckon they could survive longer. They are amazing as you can straighten, wash, blow dry and literally care for them as if they were your own hair. I've had mine in now for over a month or so and they are still in perfect condition. I get so many compliments and queries over them so thought I'd post.
Do any of you girls have them if so what do you think? and what colours?

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