Monday, 23 January 2012

Jeans: Topshop £40
Top: This.Is.What.I.Do £10
Fur stole: H&M (eBay £15)
Nail Varnish: Topshop Blue Monday £5
Toe Ring: Topshop £3.50
Wednesday 18th January I turned 23, sob sob. I feel like such a granny! Anyway I had a lovely day, I went to Marwell Zoo with the boyfriend during the day, then travelled to my mum's (my home home) to spend some time with the Family. I also had to pick my pup up from the vet's as she had an operation on her tail, (we thought she had cancer, but thankfully it wasn't!). I had a lush Thai meal with the family, and played some silly games. I also got lots of lovely presents, most of which were for my holiday in March to Thailand to see my pa, can't bloody wait. Need some warmth on my skin I tell you that!x

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  1. i adore your faux fur stole, you look lovely! the camper van wrapping paper is just adorable, too. happy belated birthday! x