Friday, 17 August 2012

Nail it.
 I was playing around with my sister's nails using the Models Own black and white nail art pens (around £5) with a load of different nail varnishes for the base colour. I literally went for it and made up designs in my head and put them to play without even thinking really. I think they look pretty cool if I do say so myself. I like the way each nail design is different, can't go wrong with a bit of trashy clashing. I do just wish it was this easy to do your own hands! Just so you know she did the red one on her right thumb haha, think it went a little wrong bless her.
 My pastel nails this week, Elf in Mint Cream, Topshop in Parma Violet, Barry M in 279 Bright Pink 318 Peach Melba and 307 Pale Yellow.
It was my first time trying out the Elf nail varnish and I must say, for the price £2.50 it was amazing. The consistency is really creamy and the colour is very pigmented. You get the desired colour in one coat, but I always do two- force of habit! Now the Topshop nail varnishes are awesome, I'm not bigging my work up or anything, but WOW. The Topshop nail varnishes are apparently made in the same factory as the Chanel polishes and are a better formular then them too, this means you are paying a fraction of the price for something that's BETTER... yes better! (This information was told to me by someone from head office, so apologies if it's incorrect but I don't think it is). And lastly, Barry M, you beauties. These particular nail varnishes in this post are not new colours, but Barry M is a cheap and cheerful brand. The colours are always great and I'm never disappointed.
What are your favourite brands and colours?
And another image, I like this picture, contrast against the shabby pissy floor outside work, (excuse my french!). What are your favourite nail designs? Any quick and easy recommendations for nail art?x


  1. Wow - I love all the patterns and the pastels too!

    I have been using masking tape to make half and half colours lately - I'm not very good at nails but it's quick and easy! You just have to make sure the base colour is really dry before you start!


    1. Wow what a great and simple idea, will definitely be trying that out :)
      Thanks for the tip!