Friday, 11 October 2013

Topshop A/W wish list.
From left to right going from the top around clockwise: Knitted ladder stitch jumper: £34, Nails in Costume Ball: £6, Orange wool check skirt: £38, Knitted fluffy crew jumper: £38, Leather look tshirt dress: £52, Boxy fur gilet: £65, Argo boots: £92, Mono floral jumpsuit: £55, Quilted leather look tshirt: £50, Lips in Ruthless: £8, Holographic double zip purse: £12, Fur pom cable beanie: £12, MOTO ripped highwaisted Mom jeans: £42.

I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought it was about time. Topshop is killing me right now online with so many things I want to buy. I find that the problem when transitioning into Autumn/Winter is the PRICES! Everything just gets so expensive. I do think the quality is always so much nicer than Summer product with much more luxurious fabrics and prints, so that does justify it a little I guess. 

I've been wearing a lot of monochrome recently, black, greys and white. I think it's the drop in cooler weather that's made me reach out for my 'darker' side. It's unusual for me as I do love a bit of colour, but hey, I'm embracing it right now. I've tried to include some brighter pieces in this wish list so it doesn't look so dull. I've included this lovely Orange checked skirt from Topshop which is just so darn cute, and the lime green laddered jumper which is great to grunge up any outfit. I do love a bit of a trampy look at times, hence the beaten up laddered Mom jeans thrown in there too. This style with a structured tee, bold lip and some chunky heels (*vans) is my go-to at the moment, it helps to enhance the outfit into a more pulled together look, rather than looking like you've slept in some alley way (no offence of course).

I've also (like everyone else) been LOVING fluff, by fluff I mean fluffy jumpers, crop tops etc. I now have 3 furry/fluffy jumpers 2 in black and 1 in a bright yellow-green and also a cardigan in black. I need to stop purchasing them, but everyone is doing different variations, so either a new colour or slightly different style that I haven't seen. Dammit it's bad for my bank balance but I can't resist. That's why I've including the gorgeous powder blue one from Topshop in here, it's so pretty! Primark are also doing cropped polo versions of fluffy jumpers that I really want to get my hands on for only £10. I think they can just pull an outfit together without you even thinking about it. They seem somewhat elegant and sophisticated. Moving on from fluff into fur, and yes, it's always a statement piece for A/W and I really want this gorgeous Boxy gilet from Topshop, it's super pricey but I think it will be something that I wouldn't take off in the colder months. Maybe this could be a cheeky Christmas present? Wink wink, nudge nudge. 

Leather looking items are also catching my eye again this season, I'm really liking boxy dresses and t-shirts in this fabric as well as more structured and fitted tops and skirts. It's a sexy fabric but worn correctly can also be super feminine and sophisticated. I really want this t-shirt style dress from Topshop, it really would do all the talking in an outfit. Perfect for both nights out (which I don't really do) and day time looks. This and the quilted leather look tee from Topshop are high up on my 'want-to-buy-next-please' purchases.

And last but not least are these SEXY-MOTHER boots from Topshop, they are the Argo boots in a Pewter (oil-slick, holographic type colour) which unfortunately sold out in store and online before I even realised they were around. This makes me very sad, as there is rarely a shoe- especially a high heeled one, that I want this badly. I think it's the fact I know they're sold out which makes me want them more. They are one of those so ugly they're amazing type shoe, which seem to attract me the most. If anyone is selling them, or see's them back in stock, please let me know. I want these pretty creatures on my feet.

Right, that's enough rambling from me. What's your favourite look this season? Any pieces in Topshop that you're loving too? 

Let me know pretties. x

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