Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Today I'm wearing...
Topshop crepe boxy tee £30, Topshop Tartan Pinafore £42, Primark Tights £4, Vans via Asos £47.
Topshop Neppie cropped blazer £58, Topshop pasha cami £18, Topshop ripped Jamie Jeans £40, Black leather Converse via Asos £60.
 Topshop pasha cami £18, Topshop knitted fluffy crew jumper £38, Topshop ripped Mom jeans £42, Topshop sandals £10. 
Topshop crepe boxy tee £30, Topshop check a line short skirt £36, Tights Primark £4, Topshop boots £18 (old).
 Topshop yellow check shirt £30, River Island PU skirt £20 (last year), Primark tights £4.

Another (sort of) week in outfits for you all. I've added all the links for the items I could find in this post, if things aren't linked it's because they are old or sold out!
I'm feeling a bit lazy and poorly today, so I won't be babbling on. Sometimes it's nice to keep things short and sweet.
 Hope you enjoy these outfits. x


  1. I Like the way you post a "week in outfits" great little idea! I love each and every one of these looks, particularly the first and sixth.

    Great blog now following for sure!

    1. Aw thank you for your lovely comment! Glad you like them x

  2. I love the dungarees.