Monday, 28 March 2011

 I recently posted about Colour Pants being in for Spring Summer 2011, and since then have been building my collection. (Although I did already have 2 pairs of the trousers), I have recently added to my collection with the pastel pink shorts from New Look, and the gorgeous mint green trousers from Zara. I still want to find a pair of Royal Blue skinnies to finish off the collection, hehe.


  1. I loooove these colours!!I generally love colours but these pants are so cute!
    Thanks for your message in IFB!You have a great blog and I'm definitely following ;) <3
    hope you visit my blog and have a cosy look as well! :D
    hugs and kisses

  2. Ah so you did get those Zara pants :) Nice going!

  3. loving everyone of them in every color...coool
    Lydz xX