Thursday, 10 March 2011

I found a few little gems in Topshop, firs off I got this lovely striped & sparkly sheer top for just over £6 instead of £7, as it had quite a few threads loose so I asked if I could get some money off (worth a go and manged to get 10% more off). Not bad as them item was originally £38.
This lovely shimmery harem bronze jumpsuit was only £7 from an original £38. This item is now listed on eBay, to hopefully make a bit of money from it (as I don't think I would wear this, even thought I do love it).


  1. Great bargains! Nice to meet you and good luck with that project. Love your blog and I'm going to copy the fringe tee shirt idea, we've got loads that could do with a bit of vamping up!

  2. Awesome jumpsuit - a readymade party outfit! I love running into such bargains myself :)