Thursday, 14 July 2011

So from the 1st of July I official ditched the title of a student.
It's depressing thinking that I am no longer able to blag the student life, but I think it came at the right time. University was starting to get boring, and I actually didn't learn anything in my last year! Shocking. Now real life begins, and I'm excited to start my new adventure... who knows where it will take me but I will be sharing it with you all!

I decided to show you my cringeworthy pictures from the ceremony...
For anyone interested my colour-block dress is from Zara and the blue shoes are from New Look.


  1. Haha love these pics! Congratulations on graduating and I wish you luck finding a job and joining the 'real' world. I graduate next year and I know I'm going to be so nervous but excited about it too because uni really is starting to get tedious now lol xoxo

  2. Congrats! Hope you still stop by Beatnik even though you're not a student anymore!
    Lots of luck x