Monday, 25 July 2011

 I bought this gorgeous, Motel Celeste Dress: Night Sky from eBay for a bargain £14.99 originally £42. It is now £15 in the sale which is still fab. It's gorgeous and is perfect for a night out, or as a casual day time look! It's made from a lightweight material which means you can keep cool in the spring/summer months.
  After purchasing one, I had to buy another and this to is a Celeste dress from Motel in a used denim kind of look. This one is slighter shorter than the dress so is more suitable as a long shirt. This was also a bargain at £10 on eBay. This to is made from a lightweight material and is perfect for almost any occasion!
This shirt was a bargain £3 from a local charity shop near me, it's 100% silk so feels gorgeous. The colours are so on trend at the moment, with the pastel pink and off white/cream colour. The shirt originally had sleeves but as it is a couple of sizes too big I decided it would look better with them off!
 These white denim shorts were bought in a charity shop for around £3.50 and I decided to stud them myself! It's a great and easy effect that makes items look a lot more expensive.x

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