Monday, 10 October 2011


Happy Birthday ~ a party in the bottle (glitter)
Candy Shop ~ bubblegum pink (glitter)
Forget You ~ party all night (glitter)
 I got this 'Get this party started' nail varnish set by Deborah Lippmann from my Dad after graduating (which seems like years ago now), but was only a couple of months ago really! I haven't yet posted about the polishes, as I have only just tested them out. At the moment I am wearing 'Forget you', which is a black based polish with multi-coloured and various sized glitter pieces within it. It's gorgeous, and perfect for a night out or a cool casual every-day look. I will need to post pictures when I use the other colours, but from testing this one out, I know I am very happy with the outcome. The quality is amazing and it's a great, easy & cheap way to spruce up your nails! One annoying thing about these nail varnishes is that they take AGES to try and take off. The glitter pieces seem to stay glued to your finger nails, so be prepared for a bit of a mission. On the other hand this is probably a good sign, as it means that the varnish must stay on pretty well, right? There are some stunning colours from this brand, and I've just ordered another one to test out. 
Do you girls own any? What do you think?x


  1. I don't own any of these, but they look amazing :) Love the finish! x

  2. That's the problem with glitter nail varnish, it's so stubborn to get off! I don't own these ones, but some Models Own ones.
    These look lovely though, like the chunky pieces of glitter in this one xx

  3. Woah, I haven't caved and purchased any DL polishes until now but that "Forget You" is FABULOUS.

    Buying. Thanks for posting about this.
    xo, Sarah