Sunday, 23 October 2011


The first time I saw this polish I fell in love, so went on a mission to try and find a store that stocked it! Unfortunately this seemed like mission impossible, after finding it only really being stocked in the USA (and costing a fortune for shipping & handling) I decided to give up on the idea. But after recently posting about other Deborah Lippman nail varnishes, I was on the hunt again. I finally  came across the exact one on eBay so couldn't resist purchasing, (although it was about £12, which to me is expensive for a nail polish) It's totally worth it! I have not come across any other glitter polish as stunning as this before. I have used a light blue base colour first, as I found without this it comes out very light and pearly (which is fine if this is what you like/want but I prefer a bit of depth and vibrancy to my nails). What do you think?x

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