Monday, 5 March 2012


If you don't know about Bambi & Manson, you really need to. They are a couple who design and make the hottest shorts on the block. They are denim diva's. They customise the Levi shorts to make 'the world a hotter place one girl at a time'. You can request shorts and ask for a specific design whether you want them studded, shredded or sparkly. You can ask for them to be shorter, longer, or to keep them as a pair of jeans (hot!). You can even ask for specific colours whether you want them pink, green, red or every colour under the rainbow, Bams can have it all. They are gorgeous and it's brilliant as you can make them how you want, you could go to town and have the hottest pair of shorts around, and no one else will have any like them! The prices are pretty decent too, especially as they are custom made for you. You can buy set ones which I've put a few of my favourite up in this post. (Of course the Ibiza are my fav, similar to ones I made and posted about before here.
I really need to get on it and get a pair of these in my life, they are seriously FIT.


  1. omggg love it all!! especially the dogtown one!! OMGOMGOMGGG i want it! hahaha btw thanks so much for sharing this ^^ ehehehe.. come visit my blog and follow me if u want ^^ have a nice day

    1. Hehe they are awesome aren't they? Thanks for your comment :)