Wednesday, 29 February 2012

 Jumper: £36 (not including 25% staff discount)
Jeans: Leigh Jeans £40 (60% uniform)
Shoes: £18 Sale
Necklace: £7
Nail Varnish: Dusty Mauve from Models Own
All Topshop apart from the nail varnish.

 Pretty chilled out look yesterday at work, I went for my new Ice Blue textured jumper which I'm in LOVE with. It's such a gorgeous colour, perfect for these Spring & Summer days. It is a little pricey but with my 25% staff discount it makes it a little more reasonable. I'm hoping it doesn't bobble too badly, not gonna lie... a lot of my jumpers from Topshop seem to be doing that. Even after a little wear they seem to bobble which is so annoying! Anyway, at the moment it's all laid back at work (which is such a relief), I'm just getting siked for going to Thailand next Sunday, yipee!x


  1. Love the colour of your jumper, really pretty! x

  2. very jel of your staff discount! Lovely nail colour too xx

    1. Hehe I do love a bit of a discount. Just wish it was a bit more considering how much I spend there :) x

  3. your jumper is lovely. big fan of these shoes too! x