Thursday, 26 July 2012

Shark Vs Mermaid.
So, I have wanted this swimsuit for ABSOLUTELY AGES now, it had sold out and now Black Milk have brought it back, (thank you!) So tomorrow (payday), I will be purchasing this bad boy. It is super pricey coming it at around £60 with p&p, but I think for a piece that hardly anyone will own, and with such an awesome print, it's worth it! I can't resist. I think it'll look great as a swimsuit or as a body, worn with high waisted skinnies or shorts. That's enough to justify it for me! 
What do you think? Yey or ney?x

p.s If you haven't heard of Black Milk, you need to have. They make the most beautiful leggings and swimsuits. So unique and truly amazing!


  1. That is a fab swimsuit!! I love Ariel, The Little Mermaid is my fav Disney film! :)

    1. Can't go wrong with Disney. Can't wait to get the item woop!