Tuesday, 4 September 2012

New, duh.
 All from Topshop: Cropped mesh top: £20, Burgundy Crop: £8, Disco Treggings: £28, Checked Shirt: £32, Studded Slippers £32 (I returned these sadly).
I'm not sure where this splurge came from but I'm currently in festival and holiday mode so I keep buying things that I think will be useful (that's my excuse anyway haha). In the picture I am wearing my new checked shirt for work from work, and also the new disco treggings (that have completely sold out online already dammit!). I purchased the disco pants in a size 8 and I should've gone a size down to be honest, they are fine on the legs but the waist has stretched out a bit since wearing them which is annoying. They should be bringing them back out October time, and in more stores so I'll definitely be purchasing them in the 6 right away! They are really nice dupes and of course a fraction of the price of the AA ones. I've never actually even touched or seen a pair of real disco pants, so really can't compare, sorry!. I also purchased the cropped burgundy tee as it will be super cute with high-waisted anythings, I do plan to wear this on Holiday and to Bestival (1 day eeep!). The same with the cropped mesh shoulder top, it's grungey and a bit gothic but I think having super light hair makes it easier to wear without looking too dark. Unfortunately with the studded slippers I had to return them, they were more of an impulse buy, and I already have the famous Vectra studded slippers, so thought I'd behave a little bit. 
What recent buys have you made? x