Monday, 22 October 2012

Six days, six outfits.
Topshop speckle fleck jumper (old) £40, Topshop Mint Leigh jeans £38, New Look fake converse style shoes £9.99.
 Topshop stud shoulder cardigan £38, Burn out tee Primark £5, PU leather shorts £30, Creepers eBay £20.
 Topshop glitter jumper £40, Topshop Acid wash Leigh jeans £38, New Look fake Converse style shoes £9.99.
 Topshop roll sleeve tee £15, Topshop Light Acid Wash Leigh jeans £38, White socks Primark £1, Creepers eBay £20.
 Black blouse Matalan £10, Topshop checked tartan leggings £20, Creepers eBay £20.
Topshop stud military jumper £38, Topshop black Leigh jeans £38, Topshop boots £10 (sale).

These outfit of the days are actually from before I went to Turkey (post below) so excuse the awful roots, but thought I'd add them on here anyway. Six days and my six outfits, hope you like them! My favourite things this month are my checked tartan leggings and the army military studded jumper (above), they are both so easy to wear and look effortless. I seem to be a little obsessed with liking tartan at the moment, so watch this space.x

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