Saturday, 3 November 2012

Seven days, Seven oufits.
 Geek tee £18 Topshop, Black Leigh Jeans £38, Plimsolls £3 Primark.
Topshop Tshirt Dress £25, Boots £10 Topshop (sale), Fur Stole £14.99 H&M (old).
 Topshop Peplum top £12 (sale), Topshop Jamie Jeans £40, Topshop necklace £7.
 Topshop shirt £38, Topshop PU leather look shorts £35.
Topshop Tshirt Dress £25, Tartan scarf £7 H&M, Ankle boots £10 Shoe Zone (old).
 Topshop fluffy jumper £25 (sale,old), Gold chain £7 H&M, Black Leigh Jeans £38, Belt £1 Primark.

It's that time again, my seven outfits for the week. I really do need to invest some time in taking decent photographs but I'm just too lazy at the moment. Really loving my recent purchases the geek tee and tartan scarf. I've decided I need to make a little more effort at work so watch this space for some more 'inspirational' outfit posts. x


  1. Love these posts! You have the best style ever!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I do find them really flattering, great for loads of different shapes and sizes I think. x