Saturday, 2 February 2013

 Studded Petals Dripping CC tee: £11.99
Topshop biker jacket: £27 (£35 in the sale now)
 Topshop Jamie Jeans: £40
Leather Converse at Asos: £60
Matalan bag: £16
New Look stud belt: £3.99
Casio Watch eBay: £20
Matalan Stud bracelet: £3
H&M Chain necklace: £5

 Hello hello my lovelies, not the most exciting of outfit posts today as it was a pretty lazy day for me. I went for a walk with the boyfriend by a River which was just delightful but super chilly, so in 'real life' I was actually wearing a beast of a parka, not-so-glamourous. This is the first time I've taken outfit shots with my new camera (Samsung Galaxy Ek GC-100) and they turned out alright actually. I can't complain, my only issue was lighting but I'll probably just take pictures earlier in the day! I may eventually change location as the background is rather dull, but for now this spot'll do! Excuse the random hair over the face in the first picture, I literally just noticed it and can't be ar*ed to change it.

I'm in love with my new Dripping CC Chanel dupe tee, it's from a company called Studded Petals who I recently discovered after browsing online. They have some awesome designs and for £11.99 you can't really go wrong! I also bought the Topshop Maddox biker jacket in the SALE (I couldn't believe it, it was a best seller for literally months!), so I nabbed that up at such a great price it would be rude not to, right? I'm also wearing my spanking new Leather converse which are just sexual, at £60 they bloody best be hah. Let me know what you think. x