Monday, 11 February 2013

Graphite & NEON.
Zara Top: £9.99
American Apparel High Shine leggings: £30
Converse: £40
Denim Jacket Primark (old): £15
Topshop Neon scarf: £16

 Not much to say in this post, I headed home today for the week as I'm working up here so just wearing casual clothes. Kinda going for the homeless-chic look hah. I thought I'd wear my fluro scarf just to brighten up the look a little bit. Would probably look better with another pop of colour somewhere but I  think it's OK as my lipstick is quite bright too. I didn't really think too much about the outfit as you can probably tell. So yes, I will try do some more inspirational looks on here soon. I've just been here, there, and everywhere and just need to get settled back into some sort of routine (which should be in the next 3 weeks or so!). x


  1. Wow, that scarf! I'm a little obsessed with green and neon at the moment and this is perfect! I love the simplicity of the Zara top as well, and £9.99 is a real bargain!

    - Tabitha at x

    1. It is super super bright hehe. Thanks for the comment lovely. x

  2. I lahhhhv neon with neutrals- like the nail colour too x