Saturday, 26 February 2011

So I found the cutest store this weekend, just on my own doorstep (well, close enough!). It's called 'Love From Hetty & Dave' and is in Boscombe/Bournemouth, okay so the area is pretty run down and creepy, but they have some lovely vintage stores and lots of charity shops for bargain hunting!
The layout of the store is to die for, and is literally how I want my home to be when I eventually have my own one... It has lots of cute bits that are all hand crafted, such as pillows, tea cosies and badges, ooo it makes you go all squiggly.

I couldn't resist buying this cute leopard print moustache pin, and the googly eyes are just for effect, but it worked. £5, bargain!

 Cute pins, Love Rocks and Love Sucks depending what mood your in, hehe. £24 each!
And also cute love heart rosette brooches for £5, go see go see!


  1. Incredible British!!!! I think I'll be in London in May.: wait for me.
    I'm following you, it's a pleasure.

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  4. Thank you for this, must check this out when I go back to Bournemouth! Love it