Saturday, 26 February 2011

Vintage style high waist shorts from New Look for £19.99
a big trend for Spring Summer 2011, but I'm lovin' studs at the moment, so decided to add a bit of my own bliiing. I bought the studs from eBay for a bargain £1.30 for 50 studs. Cannee complain with that!

Really quick to do (literally under 10 minutes), and an easy way to refresh an old item!


  1. Love the DIY studs! I did something similar to an old handbag I had. Instant tough! Come check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other?

  2. Hey! this is awesome! I want to try it one day. How long did it take you to do!
    Lovely blog by the way, I'm following you :) xx

  3. I'm definitely going to try that out! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Sabrina Says

  4. Thanks for the love, it literally takes less that 10 minutes! SO easy to do- just use a knife to bend the spikes back at the other side, makes it a lot easier and doesn't hurt your fingers.
    Instantly updating your wardrobe xx

  5. hey jen, on ebay did you order your studs from Thailand or in the UK? Cos I'm looking for some but they're all the way in Thailand taking 21-30 days to come through!?