Saturday, 26 February 2011

So recently I've become a little obsessed with Models Own nail varnish, they have a stunning rage of colours that are just irresistible, from matte, glittery, shiny & always smooth. At £5 they are so worth the buy. 

Colours: 3 in 1 base coat, Utopia, Beth's Blue, Jade Stone, Top Turquoise, Blue Moon,
Pink Blush, Nude Beige, Vintage Pink, Pink Fizz, Champagne, Proper Copper, and 2 nail art pens black & white.
Top left: Nude Beige, Champagne and then Beth's Blue.

 These colours seem to be a favourite of mine and the ones that I use most often! I still need to test a lot of the other colours out but at the moment I'm happy taking it slow, it's more fun that way :p

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