Wednesday, 8 June 2011

This is a lovely Asos aztec blanket poncho/cape that I bought on eBay for around £30 including p&p, which Isn't too bad, but unfortunately when I received it I didn't feel it was worth the amount I paid for it... as it was literally a blanket hah! I know it sounds silly but I was expecting a bit more va va voom! Althought it does look really good and is perfect for festival wear, I decied to return it. I took these photo's a couple of weeks ago, and I'm kinda wishing I had kept the cape for IOW (Isle of Wight) this weekend. Wahhhhh! Oh well, I will survive hehe!x


  1. Have a great festival and congrats on winning the competition!
    Are you going to Glasto?

  2. Hello!! Thank you and the festival was fab! Not doing glasto but deff want to next year, has to be done! Are you?x

  3. Lovely poncho and it looks perfect on you the colors are pretty.

    <3 Marina