Saturday, 4 June 2011


 Oh-em-gee. University has finally come to an end, with the last piece finished (the exhibition at Free Range-posted below). It was a ridiculously early start to the day, beginning at 5:45am yes AM! I stumbled out of bed, got ready to catch my train at 7:15am. I arrived in London at 8:06am got lost and then finally found my way to Liverpool Street station (which is MASSIVE!) at 8:50am (20 minutes late)... but eventually found Free Range where the exhibition took place. I was thankful to finally be somewhere as I was sweating around and getting flustered trying to find my way there! Overall the day turned out okay, and wasn't as cringeworthy as I first imagined. I was not impressed by having to manually move and fix everything... and this was made worse by the day being boiling! I was not wearing the most suitable clothing for slave labour... but we made it. The show went smoothly, and the bar was busier than expected. I was a little disappointed at face there only seemed to be friends and family who visited rather then 'industry' people! But right now I'm just glad it's all over! I had a brilliant 12 hour sleep the night after which was well needed.

 You can check out my Free Range profile HERE.

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  1. Well done sweet :) Looks very impressive, you should be proud!