Thursday, 2 February 2012

 I went a little dip dye crazy and decided to pimp out some of my old and tired clothes over the weekend. These shorts were bought in a charity shop for around £3 so I decided to firstly stud one pair and leave the other plain. I then decided to go that extra mile and dip dye them bright pink! I also did a couple of other items including a plain vest dip dyed pink and the other with a black/grey colour. I bought the dyes from Wilkinsons for just under £3 which is a bargain considering buying a ready dyed pair on the internet would cost a fortune! They have a range of colours to choose from, but I went for Flamingo pink hand dye rather than the one that goes in the washing machine, (for some reason this thought scares me! What if it breaks the machine? Dyes all my clothes pink? ahh!) anyway, for this you need lots of salt to mix in with the dye, which is a little bit annoying but hey needs to be done! The instructions are easy to follow, for a full coloured item you just mix the dye and salt with warm water and then have to stir the item continuously for 15 minutes and then regularly for the next 45 minutes if you want an item the full colour, (this is when you decide you should have chosen the washing machine option!) for the dip dye you literally just leave the end of the item you want coloured in the dye for the hour. Simples! It's an easy and effective way to make your clothes look shit hot! I'm actually debating making a few of these to sell? what do you think?x


  1. They look amazing- especially the studded ones. You should def make them to sell x

  2. I think I will try it out, bit of experimenting is right up my street hehe. x

  3. This is AMAZING! I've favourited this post, i think i'll try it out myself. I agree with Tora though, you should definitely make these to sell! I'd buy them!! xxx

    1. Yeh I am going to try and do this more often, so easy. Can't wait to experiment a little more with different colours and ways to tie dye hehe. Watch this space :p xx

  4. This is great! I've always contemplated dying my old clothes to transform them into new pieces! I'd probably go for the washing machine option if I were to do lots in the same colour. Thanks for sharing! X

  5. i really like this diy.