Friday, 3 February 2012

Heart collar clips.
Photo from: WishWishWish
 So after seeing these gorgeous heart collar clips on Fearne Cotton a while back, I was on the search for these bad boys. Unfortunately the site that sold them had all sold out (no surprise there!), but I eventually found a blogger who did a DIY version and I then thought how easy it would be to make them, so I gave it a try. I went to Claire's and bought some clip on heart earrings for £3.50 and also bought some old necklaces that had nice chains for £1 which was a bargain! (They have a sale on at the moment). I got home and cracked on with my mini project. Firstly I broke the chain apart (by literally pulling it until it snapped) and then simply super glued the chain around the clips at the back of the earrings- making sure they don't get stuck to the actual clasps as you will still need this to open and close over your collar... and voila. Simple, and will save you a few bucks!


  1. this looks amazing!! will def have to give this a try, x

    1. Thanks sweet, it's so easy and looks awesome!x