Monday, 14 May 2012

Double d.
 Cringing double denim shot of me at work (gotta be done!). We had a double denim day at work last Saturday, where, you guessed it, everyone had to come in double d. It was quite funny, I felt a little weird at first as it's not something I've actually tried before, but have always liked the idea of. Thought I'd post the pictures so you could see...

 I decided to go for lighter and different coloured double denim rather than the more 'worn' or darker denim. I wore my Topshop lilac Moto denim shorts £28, old denim shirt £20, tights and then my creepers from eBay £23.99. Do you have any dressing up days at work? It's now becoming a Saturday thing at our store. Next week pattern clash *sigh*, this could get pretty ugly.

1 comment:

  1. I would never dare to attempt double denim but u have absolutely nailed it! You can completely carry this look off so you should definitely rock it again in the future!

    Lots of love