Thursday, 31 May 2012

Night out.
Hello hello, last Saturday I went out with my Topshop/Topman crew which was rather messy. I'm not sure what happened to me but I was SO drunk *cringe. Luckily I wasn't falling over or getting naked, but saying that I really can't remember too much of the night. (I just want to say here, that I hardly drink or go out so that's probably why it hit me hah!). 
Just wanted to share with you my outfit I bought on the day for the night out. I wore my gorgeous Topshop (last chance to buy beauty), which was a pricey £50, this is the most expensive top I've ever bought but with my 25% discount this came to £37.50 which I feel is much more reasonable. I don't have anything this sparkly and beautiful in my wardrobe so I thought it was about time to invest. I also wore some Topshop leather look shorts which were £30 (£22.50 with my discount) which I think is very good value for TS, I've wanted a pair of these shorts for aaages and I'm so happy I got them, they are super comfy and look gorgeous on. I think they're great for both casual and night out looks. I teamed these up with my standard new look heels which are reallly old, I seem to only ever wear this pair of heels out. I need to invest in some not-so-high heels as I'm a giant at 5ft 8 and a half (yes the half counts), so need some that look hot but don't make me tranny high, any recommendations? x