Thursday, 10 May 2012

A few things I've bought recently (more to come). A few bargains from Topshop, Floral vest top £15 in the sale,  Leopard Loafers £5 (yes a fiver!!), Swan trousers £35 and the Blue sports jumper £10.
Creepers, from eBay £23.99 each. Couldn't resist these creepers. I know they are super common right now, but they're so gross they're nice (you know the kind). Little bit obsessed with the whole flatform idea, little late on the uptake I know, but hey. Just posting a few random buys with a couple of outfit of the days (they are at work so please excuse the shoddy staffroom shots). Have bought quite a lot recently, so will post these other purchases soon. I'm obsessed with my new swan print trousers, they are so cute, I had to buy the matching crop top and am yet to wear them both together; I think it's gonna have to be done. Also couldn't believe the leopard print loafers I got for a fiverrrr, ridiculous. Even cheaper actually with my staff discount at 25%, super happy with those.
Have you found any bargains in the Topshop sale? Or anywhere else for that matter? Love a good bargain.x


  1. oh wow, love the creepers, what a fab price too. I still haven't got my hands on any but I WANT, I WANT.
    Love the photos, you look gorgeous xo

    1. Thanks love, yeh I'm a little obsessed with creepers at the mo. Want another pair but need to behave!x